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Ice Maintenance

Ice chopper

6” wide replaceable resurfacer blade head with heavy-duty steel handle and powder coated finish.

Super Pusher®

48” wide heavy duty curved blade with looped handle and powder coated finish. Ideal for outdoor rinks.

Ice scraper

10” wide plated steel blade with wood handle.

Scoop shovels

15” wide scoop with maple handle and “D” style grip. Available in aluminum or heavy-duty gauge plastic.

Push shovels

Left: 12” high curved spring steel blade construction with 48” wood handle. Available in 24” and 30” blade widths. Right: 1/4” thick curve polyethylene blade with heavy duty fiberglass handle and “D” style grip. Available in 24”, 30” and 36” blade widths.

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Rink Blaster

Rink Blasters keep workers off the ice to perform their task. And they do a quicker and better job than squeegees.

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Ice Master

This portable, hand-operated tool makes creating and maintaining a highquality ice rink a snap. Easy to handle steel pipe frame with powder coated finish serves as a conduit for water from a garden hose. Terry cloth spreader towel distributes the water evenly for a smooth surface finish. Perfect for outdoor rinks. Available in either 52” wide or 66” wide.

Slush Ice

Slush Ice seals the gap, with “ice”, where the boards (kickplate) meet the rink floor. Slush Ice is also used to repair cracks or divots in the ice surface during the season


Heavy gauge steel frame with neoprene blade is chemical and abrasion resistant. Handle is wood with steel reinforcing. Available in 30” and 36” blade widths, either straight or curved for better water retention.