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Ice marking & making

Premium ice paints

· White powder paint achieves uniformity on concrete or sand-based surfaces
· Provides the brightest finish against any competitor’s product
· Environmentally friendly cleanup and disposal
· 6-8 50 lb. boxes cover an 85’ x 200’ rink
· 1 gallon premixed liquid ice paint available in all PMS colors

Premium ice paint colors

Shur Color™ ice paint

Liquid ice paint can be applied directly to ice without any dilution or mixing. Standard colors include white, red, blue, goal crease, black and yellow in one gallon containers. Super Hide white is available in 5 gallon containers. Custom colors can be made upon request.

Shur Color ice paint colors

Arctic ice paint

Arctic Ice white powder paint is the affordable choice for base coating your rink. Available in 50 lb. bags. 12-15 bags cover an 85’ x 200’ rink.

Curling kit

15 lb. biodegradable paper. Each kit contains enough cutouts for a double layer of two houses. Available in both red and blue outer circle.

Hockey line kits

All lines and circles needed for a complete hockey rink layout. Three styles to choose from:
· 15 lb. biodegradable paper
· High definition cloth
· Reusable vinyl mesh

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Goal crease

Light blue goal crease cutouts available in both NHL and USA hockey format. Just lay out and freeze in. Two styles to choose from:
· High definition cloth
· Reusable vinyl mesh

Perma-Fast base coat paper

15 lb. paper rolls are an excellent alternative to painting. Rolls are 40” wide x 1875’ long. One layer provides white ice for general hockey or figure skating (three rolls required). Two layers will provide a brilliant white ice.

Roll-Dri paper roller

Excellent for base coat paper application. 36” wide roller presses the paper to the floor.

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Ice painting systems

· 3/4” ID hose - 200’ in length
· 150 gallon polyethylene mixing tank
· Spray boom applicator
· Gas powered pump
· Electric paint mixer

Options include:
· Storage cart
· Manual hose reel
· Extra lengths of hose

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Rigid red or black hose custom made to any length with brass end fittings. Standard sized are 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2”. Collapsable hoses are also available


Manual or powered hose storage reel. Please specify hose OD and length.

Flooding nozzle

Brass or Lexan flooding nozzle. Adjusts from fine mist to heavy flow. Available for both 1” and 1-1/2” flooding hoses.

Safety Soles

Slips easily over your shoes. Carbide studs located on the ball and heel of your foot.

Ice Treads

Slips easily over your shoes. Five carbide studs on the balls of your feet.

Floor Seal concrete paint

Paint lines, circles, creases and logos directly on concrete rink surfaces. Oil based paint is an alternate to painting your ice. Standard colors include red, blue and goal crease in one gallon containers. Custom colors are also available.

Floor Seal concrete sealer

Specially formulated for use in ice rinks as a curing, sealing, and hardening compound for new or existing concrete floors. Easily applied by sprayer or roller. White Floor Seal on the rink floor creates a consistent white surface under the ice. Available in 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums. Choose between clear, white, TV blue or ice blue.

Expansion joint filler

One part polyurethane sealant ideal for filling between non-refrigerated and refrigerated slabs. Adheres to most surfaces without priming and maintains adhesion while expanding and contracting during temperature changes. Skins over in 24 hours and cures to a firm rubber in 3-5 days. Available in 1 quart tubes or 2 gallon pails.