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RSI® Logbook

For both Indirect and Direct Ice Rink Refrigeration Systems. Each sheet provides for a week’s information with space to record up to four checks per day.

Ice Mat system

Portable ice rink piping grid can be installed on any level surface, either indoor or outdoor. 5/8” diameter medium density polyethylene tubing spaced 1-1/2” apart, results in a completely uniform high quality ice surface with no soft spots. 4’ wide rolls are connected to 6” PVC supply and return headers on one end and return bends on the other end. Fittings are either brass or stainless steel.

York, Micom and Vilter

Everything you need for top end overhaul of your York, Micom and Vilter compressor(s) on your system. Specify make, model and number of cylinders. (York R series shown.)

Valves and repair kits

We carry a complete line of solenoid valves and repair kits, refrigeration valves and relief valves from the following manufacturers:
· Sporlan
· Hansen
· Henry

Compressor oil

Highly refined naphthenic oil specifically formulated for used in all industrial refrigeration compressor systems. Available in 5 gallon containers.

Refrigerant filter

More surface area, longer life and increased filtering capabilities. Will not collapse under normal operating pressure. Replaceable Drier Cores containing desiccant materials are also available to remove moisture from liquid refrigerants.

Oil heaters

Compressor crankcase and receiver oil heaters are available in several styles and sizes: 500W immersion type element with or without thermostat control.

Ice floor temperature sensors

Replacement rink floor probes as well as other temperature sensing devises in and around your refrigeration system. All output types and temperature ranges available. Please specify when ordering.

Infrared ice temperature sensor

Accurately control the refrigeration system by sensing the top surface temperature instead of the concrete or refrigerant temperature. Non contact infrared radiation thermometer replaces existing under floor sensors. Includes sensing head, mounting bracket, interconnecting cable and electronic card housed in a NEMA-4 enclosure.

Safety control gauges

Replacement pressure and temperature gauges provide the necessary safety and capacity controls for your refrigeration system. Specify size and range.

Primary/secondary refrigerant

Replacement Freon, Ammonia, Glycol, and Calcium Chloride promptly delivered direct to your rink from supply centers around the United States.

Infrared thermometer

Instantly and accurately record ice temperature or compressor and motor temperatures. Temperature range: -20º to 932º F (-30º to 500º C). Large, easy to read display. Single dot laser sighting system.

Amonia sulfer sticks

Cost effective, extra-long, slow burning sulfer tapers. Flame from stick produces a white smoke cloud when in contact with ammonia.

Refrigerant leak detector

True mechanical pump provides positive airflow thru sensing tip. Detects leaks of all halocarbon refrigerants as small as .25 oz. per year.

Ultrasonic leak detector

Highly sensitive device detects the ultrasonic noise created by pressure or vacuum leaks of any gas, regardless of type. Precisely pinpoint the smallest of leaks not detectable by other devices. Headphones and case included.


Accurately test the freezing temperatures of both propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. Great for checking the electrolyte solution of batteries. Includes automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for more precise results.