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Shielding - Tempered glass and acrylic

Tempered glass is scratch-resistant and easily maintained. Ground, flat and smooth edges are standard.
· 1/2” thickness (12 mm) – approximately 6 lbs. per square foot
· 5/8” thickness (15 mm) – approximately 7.5 lbs. per square foot

Acrylic is available in various full sheet sizes, at 1/2” or 5/8” thickness. Cut to order with beveled edges and radius corners. Lighter than tempered glass. Approximately 3 lbs. per square foot. Scratch resistance coating also available.

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Dasher corner post pad

Designed with player safety in mind, these pads are constructed with high impact foam inside an abrasion resistant 18 oz. vinyl jacket. Standard colors are white, blue, and red and are made to any length. Several styles are available:

· 2” high impact foam with Velcro straps
· 2” high impact foam with PSA Velcro strips
· 3” Closed Cell “Ultra Dense” memory foam with Velcro straps
· 3” Closed Cell “Ultra Dense” memory foam with PSA Velcro strips

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PowerPlate™ technology can eliminate the worry and liability associated with injuries from broken dasherboard shielding. PowerPlate™ is a specially designed coating applied to the outer surface of tempered glass panels. It not only makes the glass stronger under impact, but ultimately prevents a shattered pane of glass from falling apart. The shattered glass stays intact making clean up quick and easy.

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Protect shielding on posted systems:
· 2 piece post design - 1/2” or 5/8” glass
· 1 piece post design - 1/2” or 5/8” glass

Glass edging

Clear flexible “H’ and “U” gasket for vertical edges of tempered glass.

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Postless (seamless) glass cushion

Rigid polyethylene glass channel for postless glass systems. Flexible PVC glass cushion for systems with moving glass channels. 4 ft. long sections are available for either 1/2” or 5/8” glass. Extruded aluminum postless glass channel also available for replacement and conversions.

Postless (seamless) glass clips

Polycarbonate construction protects edges on postless (seamless) systems.

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"HD" glass clips

Extra wide two piece design for greater stability and movement of seamless glass panels. Available for both straight and radius corner glass.

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Convenient sort and store design, easy shielding access and separation, coated steel framework, full HDPE-grooved base, PVC-covered separator rods, 8" casters and 4,000 lb. capacity and holds more than 50 pieces of shielding. Custom sizes available.

Glass "A" frame carts

Heavy duty steel construction with a 15” wide plywood bed on each side slanted towards the center of the cart. Carts are available in 72” or 96” lengths. 4000 lb. load capacity.

Glass handling suction cups

8” handheld vacuum cups provide firm, fast grip of tempered glass panels. Release valve lever permits quick and complete release. 125 lb. load capacity per cup.

Powr-grip® glass lifter

Battery powered vacuum lifter attaches to forklift for moving heavy tempered glass panels. Modular design provides 180 degree rotation and 90 degree tilt for ease of glass removal and installation. 700 lb. load capacity.