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Skate Sharpening

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BlademasterRink Systems carries a complete line of accessories for all makes and models of skate sharpeners, including:

Blademaster is recognized as the world-wide leader in total skate care. They manufacture the most extensive line of professional skate sharpeners, including:

· Triple stations – 2 finishing and 1 cross grinding station
· Double stations – 1 finishing and 1 cross grinding station
· Single stations – 1 finishing or 1 cross grinding station
· Portable and table top machines

Built-in filtered exhaust systems and fully enclosed cabinets are standard on all finishing stations. Blademaster also offers a complete line of blade contouring systems, boot riveters and blade straighteners for professional equipment managers and pro shops.


DupliskateDupliskate is industry leader in automated skate sharpening machines. Ease of operation and consistent hollow grind quality are the two characteristics that set Dupliskate apart from other sharpening systems. Choose from:

· Fully automated – “no touch” precision clamping, sharpens two skates at the same time, in less than two minutes
· Programmable – control panel provides automatic setting of speed and number of passes, auto speed clamp for consistent even edges and patented “easy diamond dress system”


CAG ONECAG ONE has taken the complexity out of profiling and sharpening skates by providing automated grinding equipment that are simple to use and understand. Precision machines are easily calibrated to adjust for various blade widths, lengths and profiles without special tools or templates. Variable speed and pass setting allow operator to achieve professional results. Includes dustless auto-vac system.


WissotaThe Wissota 911 is a professional quality, commercial duty skate sharpener for rinks, skates shops, teams, schools and home. This is the most affordable machine on the market and features:

· Precision ground cast iron table
· Direct drive motor
· User-friendly “Three Dial” skate holder

Sparx ES100

WissotaSharpen your skates in three simple steps and spend less time sharpening. Built with the consumer in mind, Sparx is safe to use at home or in any facility. Sparx empowers you to produce quality edges with the push of a button. Skates are sharpened in a closed area and steel dust is contained in an replaceable filter and dust tray. Every grinding ring uses RFID technology to let you know when it's time to replace and will last the average user 40 skate pair sharpenings.

· Dimensions: 26" x 7"
· Depth: 15.5"
· Weight: 38.5 pounds
· Compatible with Hockey Skates, Goalie Skates and Figure Skates*
*requires an additional attachment, sold separately

E-Z Sharp

E-Z SharpE-Z Sharp “Super Pro” skate sharpening machines are precision tooled, engineered for speed and efficiency. Available in both 7” and 8” models, key features include:

· Compact, durable design for the ultimate in portability
· “Quick Action” clamp for unfailing accuracy
· Locking storage compartment
· Floor model includes stand and dust collection vent
· Portable model includes sturdy metal locking cover
· 2 year warranty

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Rink Systems carries a complete line of accessories for all makes and models of skate sharpeners, including:

· Grinding wheels
· Diamond dressers
· Wear pads
· Lube sticks
· Hand hones
· Skate holders
· Vacuum systems
· Filters